Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

fun game but a bit difficult imo would be nice to have some kind of continue to see more of the game as my ability vrs reward is low making the game frustrating

outstanding game! But i do have one major gripe: every time I've spawned, i lose at least two stars before i can even move my cursor. Often, i die in under half a second. so please add intangibility for .75 seconds after spawning. you can't hurt them, they can't hurt you. please go fix this one thing so i can really sink my teeth into this game. I would actually be willing to do that, I have some experience programming, and have even worked with image processing and a targeting system on a robot. And to everyone else reading this, PLAY THIS GAME, at least for a little while.

This is my first Newgrounds review, after playing many games.

Brilliant effort across the board. Sound, gameplay, graphics... impeccable! And all the more impressive for the incredibly tight time constraint.
I have but one gripe. The final verbal warning should be "You're Fired!"

Great effort!

This is an amazing game for being developed within 72 hours. I can't imagine how much more epic it'd of been if you had even more time to develop it. Five stars is the only amount of stars worthy of such a good game for the time-frame it was developed in. The only way you could improve this is just add on to it to make even more hectic action (like maybe being able to choose what your Q, W, and E abilities are). Another area that could be added on to is potentially being able to choose your fighting style, as well as more enemies with different attack styles. There's a lot of potential for this game if you choose to expand on it now that you've finished and won the Ludum Dare 33 (no wonder this game won, it's awesome). This is just the beginning of something epic.

This game is like a breath of fresh air. It is completely addictive and most importantly fun as hell. 5/5 in my book. Even if I think that it could get some improvements like upgrades and cosmetics, I can't give this game a lower score.