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Reviews for "-Dance-Off-"

you are slowing turning into rukkus

Wow dude, sorry for all the people giving you crap. (They could really learn to be polite). This isn't my genre of interest, so i wouldn't really know about the quality, but i think it does sound pretty all over the place. THat doesn't mean i don't appreciate it musically.

I actually think it's almost a collage of different things working in this song, which is pretty hard to pull of imo.

WF I have no clue why, but other dub/edm/electro artists unlike u can't put words into songs and make it sound good! Ur probs the only artist ik (besides like JB and T-Swift e.e) that can do that. Bravo! :D

Now about this song: Intro... meh... The rest: GREAT! As soon as it was like 45 seconds in I changed my mind about the first impression I had. Overall it's a great song! Keep up the good work "3"

try to reach your limits
.. in every song that you create
and then you will have no limits

nice song! : ^ ^D)

Awesome song, well done waterflame