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Reviews for "-Dance-Off-"

Why is it always that Waterflame's intros are not appealing to me and then the song gets epic. This is like his signature in my eyes.

Feels like a legit dance off xD

Keep making epic stuff!!

Love this new track! I like you merged chip-tune and the suspense-ish theme.

I remember that old video you posted called "Waterflame - Scrap Showcase 1." This entire song is based off of the draft named "Bassbumper." Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I got from this track!

tbh your last track had me worried, but this is great. I prefer stuff without lyrics/voice but the music in this is brilliant, kinda like a megamix of cultures/genres

I always said that I love your work. Now I can confirm it.
Fantastic piece of art. Keep up the good work!