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Reviews for "-Dance-Off-"

First 2 minutes are great WF!!

Upon first hearing about Waterflame back in like 2013 I have never been disappointed with his work. I'm actually sort of jealous that I can't do music like this. Each to their own styles I guess. Anyways going to the review. Simply put I can't stretch it enough that he's made awesome tunes on here and it fit's any game per say. This song brings a sense of epicness just like many of your songs and it doesn't need much effort to them because of it's rhythm and melodic background. Great job as always Waterflame!

Wow dude, sorry for all the people giving you crap. (They could really learn to be polite). This isn't my genre of interest, so i wouldn't really know about the quality, but i think it does sound pretty all over the place. THat doesn't mean i don't appreciate it musically.

I actually think it's almost a collage of different things working in this song, which is pretty hard to pull of imo.

You're all over the place in this piece! >.<
What the hell were you thinking WF? Not something I'm used to hearing come out of your usual "sound bank".

You did keep to your usual style and sound samples + bits...however, with the mash up and structure...
"I'm NOT impressed..."
To be frank WF, you could have done much more with this piece in the beginning. The melody change along with the mood around 2:30 was nice, but then the jump back...painful display of expertise honestly. The way you constructed this piece however, takes me back to my old NES button mashing days. Ever heard of Snake, Rattle & Roll? There ya go :P

Over-all, a good snippet...but NOT something I'm used to hearing from you. Sure, something new and different keeps the creativity flowing, but wow...a lil too much in this piece.

+4 for the sound, hype, and nostalgia
-1 for being all over the damn place -_-

Keep on truckin' man!

you are slowing turning into rukkus