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Reviews for "-Dance-Off-"

WF I have no clue why, but other dub/edm/electro artists unlike u can't put words into songs and make it sound good! Ur probs the only artist ik (besides like JB and T-Swift e.e) that can do that. Bravo! :D

Now about this song: Intro... meh... The rest: GREAT! As soon as it was like 45 seconds in I changed my mind about the first impression I had. Overall it's a great song! Keep up the good work "3"

The intro was a little... weird (that "Dubstep" clip has been haunting several of my favorite songs). It gets better once the song gets going, but the it sounds kinda halting and disjointed overall. Good headbanger tunes, though.

Just as great as all your other songs. It's a great song,But it honestly has too many vocals at the start for an electro song. Still,It's got a great feel to it. If i was good at GD I'd definitly make this a level :P

4 stars :D

Just awesome! Like Waterflams's other music!

I finally got around to listening to this.

I'll be honest, the intro...wasn't very good. It felt odd and a little cluttered, especially with the random vocals.

The melody's alright. It's not that memorable or anything, but it's nice enough. To me, for some reason it felt like it was switching between upbeat and...not upbeat? I'm not really sure what to call that. :P

I don't really know why, but this song just didn't really feel right. It felt like it had potential, but wasn't executed that well. Ah well, it's probably just my taste in music.

- Evilgrapez