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Reviews for "-Dance-Off-"

That's the longest I've heard you noodle around before turning something into Race Around the World again.

Not a huge fan of that opening sequence, but from around 30 seconds on, It's really awesome. Great job, as always.

P.S. What the hay is it saying around 1:05? It sounds like it's saying "Keep it Bass and Benign," but I can't really tell...

Waterflame... Somewhere in the middle you were like, "I'MMA TRY OUT SOME DUBSEP!"
Please... Don't do that again. After 3 minutes it's pretty nice, but it sounds quite like
Race Around the World tbh.
This is LITERALLY worse than my songs. Not kidding.


It 's the perfect match between something like celtic or indian melodies, and those hard and epic dubstep wubs. Oh, I almost forget the orchestral melodies, that make the song really epic! You just won a wonderful LIKE :)