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Reviews for "-Dance-Off-"

This is heavy, this is bad, this is evil! It's just a perfectly brilliant masterpiece!

That's the longest I've heard you noodle around before turning something into Race Around the World again.

Not a huge fan of that opening sequence, but from around 30 seconds on, It's really awesome. Great job, as always.

P.S. What the hay is it saying around 1:05? It sounds like it's saying "Keep it Bass and Benign," but I can't really tell...

Waterflame... Somewhere in the middle you were like, "I'MMA TRY OUT SOME DUBSEP!"
Please... Don't do that again. After 3 minutes it's pretty nice, but it sounds quite like
Race Around the World tbh.
This is LITERALLY worse than my songs. Not kidding.