Reviews for "Reactor idle"

Overall pretty good but it does slow down much too quickly (as mentioned in other reviews).
It would be really useful to see how much each generator is actually producing, too. Without that it's quite a lot of guesswork trying to make it efficient.

For a while I had much fun figuring stuff out. Then it became so passive. After a few weeks I finally unlocked GroundWaterPumps, and i guess things will be interesting again, but i'm burned out. It really is too slow. An idle game that needs focus? I am confused.

You have every right to add a money option. It is on a separate page and there are no pop-ups. None of that slippery marketing stuff. But with this focus problem, i guess it became pay2win (by accident!) anyway.

In the beginning i was really enthousiastic and now i'm really desillusioned. Speed it up and my rating will go up. And now i'm going to try your other games, because you've got talent. :)

It was all going great until I bought an upgrade that brought me to 0 dollars, so I couldn't continue at all (hard reset is in settings). Just don't do what I did and you should have lot's of fun.

Seriously needs a tutorial. Every time I try to place a solar panel it blows up instantly and other problems would be solved if the game would tell me how to play it.

EVERY goddamn game be it an MMO, single player, idle game, etc. tries to have some sort of P2W attempt to make it more profitable at the expense of the game's quality. It eventually gets worse and becomes "pay walls" and everyone is sick of it. You tread a fine line adding microtransactions to a simple idle game. Big and small companies are ruining their otherwise great games by these greedy actions. You really need to be careful. That said, onto the game!

It needs a calculator. Srsly. Solar panels giving 10.1 heat each surrounding a Generator capable of converting X amount of heat... I'd have to make sure by a calculator, because no amount of the generator's max heat will stop it from exploding. If it collects ANY, it will eventually explode.. so why bother having any heat capacity at all? It creates a huge amount of micro-management. Simply put, if I don't calculate beforehand, everything could explode.

Same for offices and batteries. Why bother having energy storage when office selling power > power produced? Unlike heat though, nothing explodes when it maxes out.

Unlocking and using the next tier of energy or islands is immense. I unlock the coal power only to realize I'd need to upgrade my generators about ten more times. It's a double-hurdle in that it takes time to research and then time to get the appropriate upgrades and money to use them. Then I have to crunch numbers and make sure it's actually worth getting in the first place! It almost seems like the amounts were increased enough to encourage people to buy in for microtransactions. If that's the case, fuck this game.

Surrounding a generator with solar panels in a plus-sign configuration has me confused. With limited tiles to do this, it forces me (the player) to crunch numbers yet AGAIN to make sure no panels overlap and overheat a generator. Then, there's no mention that diagonal tiles don't count... the game says adjacent, which I would have thought it meant all eight tiles surrounding the one in the middle. Again, having the player find this out themselves is counter-intuitive to what an idle game is thought to be.

Researching and using the next bunch of power sources completely removes the purpose of the last one. There is no reason to place any more wind turbines after getting solar panels in place, except in irregular tiles. The difference is too vast. I expect when getting a coal plant placed, solar panels will never be used again as well.

So my advice is if you want MT in a game like this, you need a better game. If I'm going to place a solar panel I'd expect to see little red heat numbers displaying on adjacent tiles and how much a generator can hold vs. what you can place. I shouldn't have to crunch those numbers every time, ESPECIALLY in an idle game. Heck, you don't even have music or sound.. you need to go the extra mile if you want people to throw money at it.

Lastly, the offline bonus ticks are a nice feature I haven't seen in an idle game. I can wreck everything and place research centers everywhere, bonus that shit up halfway, then pause and replace with power producers to make money for the rest. No upgrades transfer to the next power plant, though? WTF? That makes no sense other than to create more of a grind.

Baldurans responds:

Thank you for a very thorough comment!

Game is balanced in a way that you can play nicely without doing any purchases. As this is meant to be an idle game, it has content for over a month! Seriously, it gets much much more challenging as time goes on, but the start is important to learn the basics. (Google images for reactor idle).

I agree, that this game is rather simple (no sound and simple graphics), more effort has been put to make it a nice brain game, where you have to figure out best solutions. In the end, you design nuclear reactors with water cooling and complex heat distribution systems :)

The goal of the game is to figure out ideal setups and that requires calculation, it is part of the design :)