Reviews for "Reactor idle"

Not bad at all! It forces you to re-think about your power plants every time every time you buy an upgrade, and the progress curve is good.
Pay attention to a technical issue, though. When you pause the main screen and change tab (e.g. Upgrade), returning to the main view you have the [Pause] button and the game stopped, thus you have to click on pause twice.
Also, it would be useful to have the tab bar always present, so that you don't have to return to the main screen when you pass from Upgrades to Research and so on.

I like this game a lot, interesting ideas involved here. But for some reason, I'm not getting the offline ticks when i come back to the game now. I got them twice before but nothing now.

An idle game that requires you to have it open at all times in order to get resources (No offline farming) and it slows down by about half when you are on a different tab. I'm not too happy with this game

Overall pretty good but it does slow down much too quickly (as mentioned in other reviews).
It would be really useful to see how much each generator is actually producing, too. Without that it's quite a lot of guesswork trying to make it efficient.

For a while I had much fun figuring stuff out. Then it became so passive. After a few weeks I finally unlocked GroundWaterPumps, and i guess things will be interesting again, but i'm burned out. It really is too slow. An idle game that needs focus? I am confused.

You have every right to add a money option. It is on a separate page and there are no pop-ups. None of that slippery marketing stuff. But with this focus problem, i guess it became pay2win (by accident!) anyway.

In the beginning i was really enthousiastic and now i'm really desillusioned. Speed it up and my rating will go up. And now i'm going to try your other games, because you've got talent. :)