Reviews for "Reactor idle"

So far I am really enjoying this game, right now i am slowly working towards nuclear power, one little suggestion, or idea, that I have would be to have a little counter somewhere on the screen that shows how many of a certain building you have on that map, I'm not saying it's needed just that it might help with some of the strategy and understanding of what is going on in that map. Especially if the maps keep getting bigger.

I have a perfectly symmetrical build in place on the single power cell map, but power is still distributing unevenly, leaving some generators overheating in one corner whilst others have 400k of water cooling to spare in the opposite corner at the same distance and connectivity. I also find that if you place water supplies in a way which they should split/share water between generators, they don't always share in a logical fashion, leaving one gen struggling for supply whilst others take more than they need.

Other than that, it plays ok. I guess it gives a bit of extra challenge to overcome these random factors.

really good game, very well thought out, but research production is way too slow, extremely hinders progress

I like it just one thing, sometimes i have a fast button, most of the times i don't. How come? And how can I have it all the time ?

Pretty addicting, but really slow. The change between power plants is really tough to get and I suppose it gets tougher. Also, it would be better to explain how the heat exchanger internal heat works, and also to have a better explanation on the upgrade of the isolation. Get a calculator for some eventual need and waste some money for eventual trials for understanding the components! Overall a great game though.