Reviews for "Reactor idle"

need more stuff like reset or point for godlike upgrade

It's clear a lot of thought went into the mechanics of this game, and I'd say it is very well balanced and a lot of fun to play. You don't need to spend a penny in real-life money to have a lot of fun. I can kind of see where people are coming from about there being no tutorial mode, but adaptable gamers should have no problem figuring out how stuff works. Good job on a well made game.

This is a great idle game, I don't call it perfect because of the price "jumps" between lands, like, from a Region which cost me a billion you make us jump to a City which will cost 100 trillion, it's almost impossible, but well, what I can do, I just play games not design them.
And, why the is a scroll bar inside the game?

This game is hard took me 3 days just to get to the third land

So far I am really enjoying this game, right now i am slowly working towards nuclear power, one little suggestion, or idea, that I have would be to have a little counter somewhere on the screen that shows how many of a certain building you have on that map, I'm not saying it's needed just that it might help with some of the strategy and understanding of what is going on in that map. Especially if the maps keep getting bigger.