Reviews for "Reactor idle"

I don't get how works Solar Energie!

Very addictive game. I enjoy letting the money build up then selling everything and redesigning. Thanks!

It's a great idle game but not for everyone. At the very least you will have to use a calculator to play this game. BTW the isolation description needs to be reworded because I have an isolation that increases heat by 45% and if I upgrade to the next lvl it increases from 45% to 50% and the description says that the upgrade increases isolation effectiveness by 100% which isn't true.

Have a question, I found a similar but not nearly as complex idle game on the Android store did you put it there?

This is a great idle game, I don't call it perfect because of the price "jumps" between lands, like, from a Region which cost me a billion you make us jump to a City which will cost 100 trillion, it's almost impossible, but well, what I can do, I just play games not design them.
And, why the is a scroll bar inside the game?