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Reviews for "Reactor idle"

I love this game, can just leave it idle when I go to school, and when I got home I had 1.3 mill just from the starting island lol.

I don't get how works Solar Energie!

I nice game, but including pay to win is always a bad idea. It ruins the game , and makes it seem like a money grab.

Baldurans responds:

This game definitely is not pay to win! Try it :)
Question what is a win in an idle game is a good question on its own :)

So far I am really enjoying this game, right now i am slowly working towards nuclear power, one little suggestion, or idea, that I have would be to have a little counter somewhere on the screen that shows how many of a certain building you have on that map, I'm not saying it's needed just that it might help with some of the strategy and understanding of what is going on in that map. Especially if the maps keep getting bigger.

after reading other peoples comments i had to chime in. the person below me complains to much. it's called strategy, i like that you have to actually think a little. the auto sellers can only sell so much and i use batteries all the time. i'm about to buy a region. that guy is right about one thing, pay to play ruins games. some things i wanted to cover is the generators, when i place them into "plus formations" it seems that the heat doesn't distribute to the proper sides sometimes. still trying to figure that one out. btw i love the research part of it, makes it much more interesting. this game is awesome i hope you expand it for it has a lot of potential

Baldurans responds:

Thank you! This game is not pay to play, but purchases give you faster progress. Without paying progress is still ok, there are literally tens of thousands non paying players playing.
Purchases are to make back some of the time that goes into developing it, as add revenues really don't work for flash games :)