Reviews for "Reactor idle"

This game is not pay to play at all. Been playing for a couple days now and still having a blast. Once you hit gas power things start to get really interesting and difficult to balance. Upgrades blow everything up and having to rebuild from the ground up when you upgraded too fast without a reserve is heartbreaking. I've since learned to use batteries to "save some money in the bank" so to speak.

Ohhh Yeahhh this game and FANTASTIC!!!

I love this game, can just leave it idle when I go to school, and when I got home I had 1.3 mill just from the starting island lol.

I don't get how works Solar Energie!

I nice game, but including pay to win is always a bad idea. It ruins the game , and makes it seem like a money grab.

Baldurans responds:

This game definitely is not pay to win! Try it :)
Question what is a win in an idle game is a good question on its own :)