Reviews for "Reactor idle"

Overall pretty good but it does slow down much too quickly (as mentioned in other reviews).
It would be really useful to see how much each generator is actually producing, too. Without that it's quite a lot of guesswork trying to make it efficient.

I love this game! I have been playing since the day it was posted and am having lots of fun with it.

That being said, I have a couple of bugs (literal and figurative) to pick at with this game.

1. The generation of research points is INCREDIBLY SLOW. The pace of the game slows down significantly after the first couple of games, but the lack of research buildings beyond a second tier make it extremely difficult to advance in tech (and ultimately the game).

2. Some of the upgrades scale in a rather odd way. While I understand the reasoning for this, the advancement from one tier of heat generators to the next generally requires a MASSIVE amount of both research points and cash in the form of both upgrades and liquid assets. While it is nice to make big jumps, I feel that some of these steps are so large that they slow the game down trying to achieve them, rather than actually speeding things up.

3. Like the last 2 comments have said, I am no longer receiving the offline ticks when I start the game back up. This may or may not be a bug, but in either case it slows the game down HORRENDOUSLY. It takes several in game hours to accomplish what should be possible with the offline ticks. Without those, well, the game feels like nothing is really happening.

I look forward to your next game, or a sequel to this one.

TL;DR: 1. game is too slow 2. certain techs/upgrades slow/break the game 3. offline ticks stopped working/are gone(possible bug)

Super fun and addicting, but like the last review, i am also no longer getting the offline ticks. I think making offline progress is kinda of the point of these idle games...

I like this game a lot, interesting ideas involved here. But for some reason, I'm not getting the offline ticks when i come back to the game now. I got them twice before but nothing now.

need more stuff like reset or point for godlike upgrade