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Reviews for "Reactor idle"

Been playing for a while. And while really slow it is a great game.

really good game, very well thought out, but research production is way too slow, extremely hinders progress

This game is hard took me 3 days just to get to the third land

This is a great idle game, I don't call it perfect because of the price "jumps" between lands, like, from a Region which cost me a billion you make us jump to a City which will cost 100 trillion, it's almost impossible, but well, what I can do, I just play games not design them.
And, why the is a scroll bar inside the game?

I have a perfectly symmetrical build in place on the single power cell map, but power is still distributing unevenly, leaving some generators overheating in one corner whilst others have 400k of water cooling to spare in the opposite corner at the same distance and connectivity. I also find that if you place water supplies in a way which they should split/share water between generators, they don't always share in a logical fashion, leaving one gen struggling for supply whilst others take more than they need.

Other than that, it plays ok. I guess it gives a bit of extra challenge to overcome these random factors.