Reviews for "Reactor idle"

For a while I had much fun figuring stuff out. Then it became so passive. After a few weeks I finally unlocked GroundWaterPumps, and i guess things will be interesting again, but i'm burned out. It really is too slow. An idle game that needs focus? I am confused.

You have every right to add a money option. It is on a separate page and there are no pop-ups. None of that slippery marketing stuff. But with this focus problem, i guess it became pay2win (by accident!) anyway.

In the beginning i was really enthousiastic and now i'm really desillusioned. Speed it up and my rating will go up. And now i'm going to try your other games, because you've got talent. :)

It starts off so slow, then gets much faster, only to get incredibly slow again. It's been weeks and getting from 16th office power to 17th is taking too long. 10X the cost, but only 2X the profit? I can already tell that from this point of having 7/10 places unlocked, I'm not going to be able to go any further.
And all of this is made worse by the fact that the bonus ticks we get cap out after about 10 hours of offline time. Is this a bug? Even stranger is that I've noticed the speed if ticks changes based on which screen you are on. In other words, the game is lagging so bad that it's not going at full speed when you properly look at one of your powerplants. For a game with such simple graphics I don't know what you've done to make it so poorly optimized. These basics tick problems are making this slow game even slower.
Research is 10 times slower than money, and it's too expensive with too few choices. I'd like to see more additions there.

I've invested MONTHS into this game, but I think it's about time I stopped. It's not worth it anymore.

I really like it
And dont listen to those who thinks its pay to win; its totally understandable you included some options for you to earn back the time you spent on this.
its really simple; but building stuff always makes people happy (minecraft, factorio; from the depths; etc, sure those games are more than just building; but the building element of it is so much fun!)

Continue developing games! would love to see some building game of yours with enemies (Red alert ala Baldurans?)

Pretty addicting, but really slow. The change between power plants is really tough to get and I suppose it gets tougher. Also, it would be better to explain how the heat exchanger internal heat works, and also to have a better explanation on the upgrade of the isolation. Get a calculator for some eventual need and waste some money for eventual trials for understanding the components! Overall a great game though.

I'm addicted... =D