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Reviews for "BOMBISUKI"


Xraylive responds:


Dang!! That's some great animation right there.

Xraylive responds:

lol Thank you!

Incredible animation. Would love to see more like this!

Xraylive responds:

Yes! I will work harder and harder! Thx!

Good work! I really like the animation and the fight seen was pretty cool. I found it funny that the characters were smiling through out the whole thing, also most people don't get that excited when there's an explosion. I was thinking."Dude, a bomb when off....Why are you so excited about it?" I don't know any super heros that get that pumped up before having to goto battle, they're ussually pretty serious and concerned. But honestly who cares, it was a great piece of work right there. Looking forward to more.

Xraylive responds:

lol yeah the author I was animating this for had a script I had to go by and told me how the characters were suppose to look like so it wasnt my choice to make them happy all throughout. Thank you for the review though!

I rarely review, but I can give my honest criticism I guess

overall I think you have the grasp in animation somewhat, but I think you still lack in the direction of how you want to show and portray your scenes.

one major mistake u had was that scene from 46-52seconds. on my first watch, I was confused who that extra kid came from suddenly out of no where. after rewatching that scene again, I realize you snug in like 2seconds of the blue robot throwing some green thing onto his pet panda and then cutting immediately to a new scene.

I take that that green thing now transforms the pet panda dog thing into the other kid while he became the robot. was there any reason you omit out that transformation or not properly establishing that the panda dog actually also transforms? or that you are relying on people who already watch your previous development on this series to know that his panda dog changes?

I think, you still have to at least make some more establishment on this rather than just 2-3 seconds of a quick gesture to tell folks whats going on. or isit cause you are concern of the music timming so you ommited out that? it could be established earlier with some proper re-working of the starting scenes too like maybe show them both transforming.

I think your animation works fine, still on the path of improvement but you are getting the idea, abiet some scenes are really too fast to catch. remember that you may KNOW what your scene is doing, people who arent working on it don't know anything so you may need to "slow" down some sequence to properly establish or show the sequence you're choreographing out.

overall I think you're doing fine and keep up the good job.

Xraylive responds:

Thank you for the review! I already realized the mistakes that you listed as I had people tell me about those specific errors when i was working on this, but this project had a due date at the time. I also realized I tend to make my animation fast pace to the point the viewer doesn't know what is going on so I plan on making that one of my main focuses. I told myself after I get this project done, I will begin training on my craft so the critiques are always appreciated.