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Reviews for "Game Grumps Animated - Batman, Pass The Mustard"

12 oppais out of 10 ,great!

Great funny animation though your impression of Morgan freeman was awful lol

Best. Thing. Ever.

Real good, never thought I'd see you doing one of these :P

I must say this was actually pretty good for what it is, and what you intended to make it into, so I must say good job, I like the little touches you did to make it look attractive and show you put sometime into it, like make the background character a different shade of color from the ones in front to kind of show who you're focusing on. Perspective was really good, as for animation it seemed a little limited but then again you were going for the old Game grumps animated style, and you nailed. I usually can't stand paper backgrounds but the color of everything and the lines you used went really well with the color of the paper and it looks really attractive. I also love all the facial expressions you used especially towards the end when Batman yelled "what!?" . One last thing, redrawing the lines instead of using the smoothing tool, I really like that, honestly it gives it more life and make it looks a little more dynamic. So really good Game Grumps animated you did here.