Reviews for "Plumber's Creed"

Great game! Like a few others, I wished it had more length. But controls were good, the theme was great, and overall the game was utmost satisfying.

I love it! I love the animations, I love the concept, I love everything. Too bad it's so short. Well done!


Great job on this! I'd love to see a sequel, maybe add missions, like certain levels you need to assassinate a certain koopa (guarded or in a difficult spot), before the flag is unlocked...it is assassin's creed after all :)

Only criticism: having mines made the last level way too easy, that's the only complaint here... also, the throwing knife is awesome, but having limited ammo on them (like having 3 knives), would have made us jump on (or avoid) the koopas more, meaning more stealth.

Overall, definitely 5 stars

This is a great mash-up, good music and very well done representation of both Assassin's Creed and Mario Bros. :)