Reviews for "Plumber's Creed"

Hey, nice Game.

I like, how you merged the Mario Mechanics in a stealth game.
The levels are pretty boring designed and I would wish more Enemy types.

Marios Weapons are pretty overpowerd. Its okay, if you try a Speedrun. But
for a normal playtrough, you just have to wait for the refresh of the cooldown
and throw the enemies to death.

There is a bug, where the boxes wont open, when I jump under them. I have to
jump many times from multiple directions until it works - very annoying.

My personal Ideas:
A button to slow down Mario (he runs a little to fast for me), maybe with a noice-mechanic for better stealth-action.

3/5 Stars

This game is super fun when you're bored. I first played it normally, and then I played it without using any knives or bombs, and it was just as fun!

Great game! Like a few others, I wished it had more length. But controls were good, the theme was great, and overall the game was utmost satisfying.

I love it! I love the animations, I love the concept, I love everything. Too bad it's so short. Well done!