Reviews for "Plumber's Creed"

Interesting style and great flow! Planned on playing just one level and stayed for the whole thing!

This is a really good game! I like the style, even though the game IS kind of hard, I had a goodd time playing it.

[fiopasdfipaosdiopsi fack this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Ferrantelli and NielsTiercelin

Wow well you got cool names. Are you brothers or something? Anyways this game is really entertaining. I like the cross between the assassins creed and the mario franchise. They seem to fit well together here. It was short but fun nonetheless. Well done especially when it was finished in only 3 days. The only thing the bothered me though was the slippery movements I'm getting. Also its hard to know which is a platform and which is not. The designs of the walls are a bit too intricate and gaudy to be able to recognize as a platform. At first I tried to jump on it but realized it was just a piece of wallpaper background. Or I realized its just a window. But anyways kudos to this game. I believe this hasn't been done before. I would suggest though...medals. An example of one achievement is where you have to avoid every enemy. And be able to hit all the abstergo symbols without being spotted. But anyways its good. Keep up the great work.

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber (Probably made a video about this)

An entertaining cross between 2 great franchises. This deserves a fuller sequel, because I want to play more