Reviews for "Mettaton's transformation"

D-dat transformation sequence....! Amazing!

DUDE THOSE EFFECTS ANIMATIONS, really well animated awesome work

Good job I was wondering what an animated transformation sequence for him would be. Love that "extracting fabulous.exe" line. Mettaton is the best!

I admit that I was turned off at how short this was. That being said, it wasn't bad at all. The animation was quite good. I really appreciated this character's design. It's just that this didn't seem enough for a full cartoon. The details are fine.

This character could certainly be used well. I guess her name is based on Megatron. I like the creativity. It isn't too rewarding. It's fine for what it is.

Very good, looked like a real labour of love hahah, alot of time and effort has obviously been put into this!

Undertale is by far the best indie game that has come out recently

NCH responds:

haha thanks, effort yeah lots of it, time, probably not, I only spend 5days working on it and finishing up. and post production by Yuya Takeda (errorcell) was done in 3hours or so, so overall it was a quickly done production with alot of effort cram in lol.