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Reviews for "soup girl"

Really good. Nice animation style and voice acting. short and sweet, good job can't wait for more from you!

"On The House". Well done with the wording there, as it is now on the house.


i liked it. alot.

great drawings of the characters, nice fluid animation...
your drawing style reminded me a bit of the show ''regular show'', and that's a good thing.
still, your movie remains unique and funny, and the drawings were nicely drawn, as well as the beautiful+funny face expressions!

also, it had great voice-acting!
i loved the raspy voice of the old man.

overall, a great movie.
plz do more like this.

I liked it, the animation and background was very original and stylish. It was short, and I was excepting a quip that said something about the soup being on him and the house. lol, all in all, pretty good. I look forward to your next submission.

Great animation! The voice acting is pretty good as well!

KevinButtchin responds:

think you