Reviews for "Dakar Racing"

This is the best car game I ever played! I like the way you have to press arrow keys to turn back over and how challenging it is.

Wait what? I was going to play like first two levels and then quit but I accidentally went through the whole game, what?! This game is so friggin' good! Like after purchasing all the upgrades for the car I played with the money system was kinda boring, but still! Awesome game!

Likes: smooth controls, good music, nice graphics, variety of tracks (some climbing, some flatter)

Dislikes: money system seems arbitrary - is it somehow related to where you finish in the race? Getting 1st or coming 5th don't seem to make much difference. Money buys all upgrades quite quickly. Before taking a level we don't get a preview map, or at least a summary to what kind of level it is (e.g. technical or flat); the truck is very good at flat courses but the cars are good for the technical courses. As such it would be good to be able to select a car from your garage that is most suitable for the upcoming level. Also, it should be possible to go back to the garage and select a different car when you restart a level, if you find your original vehicle choice is unsuitable.

This game is alright, but the thing that annoyed me is that the levels seemed like they were 80% uphill. I liked the upgrading, but my favorite part of these types of games is gaining speed and doing tricks/flips. It was hard to gain speed when the levels starting uphill almost immediately and lasted nearly the entire time. It is a good game for what it's supposed to be, though.

It's a game that I have to play to finish.. good job
I think you may have touched on something. Sometimes it's better to go with a car than the very souped up bus. maybe think of the vehicles vs the track as rock paper scissors.
once again, good job.