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Reviews for "Super Smash Bros X"

Me and my homies main goomba

n gostei

This is horrid

OMG I WOJN!!!!>:)

This game is not like Smash Bros at ALL. It's more like 2 player Street Fighter. Here's why:
1. You HAVE to play with another person. Being that guy who is fine with playing Smash Bros. alone, that's disappointing.
2. I only had Mario and Zero in one match. Zero's sprite sheet for animations is not good and keeps cutting in for different stuff. Mario's is messy when walking, but it is a SMW sprite sheet, and the punch looks nice.
3. THE MUSIC. This stuff is creepy. I know this was 2002, so the quality is bad, but the music gives me the creeps.
4. Healthbars. Healthbars were never in Smash and that was the sole point of the series. It was a beloved staple. Here I find healthbars and get confused.
5 and 6. There are only FOUR CHARACTERS. You could try more, and not make them only for specific players. I DO see what you tried to do with having different characters for each player with no confusion, and I like that, but you could have had costumes.
7. A redux of this game could be nice and really help this out, but it's nothing like Smash, although, you really only had the first two games to count on.

The reason why this doesn't get a zero is that, other than those,you get a nice fighting game. Plus, this was 2002, so I do understand why this is not the best of all time.