Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Awesome freakiness.

this came out really nicely! This was a really great way to interpret all of Newgrounds during the past 20 years in exciting fun, creative way. All the artists, animators, writers, programmers, musicians, did such a great job with this and it's what makes me proud of this site.

It just blows my mind knowing I've literally grew up with Newgrounds, how many talented artist I've come to see day by day over the years.

Watching this reminded me of all the years I've been with newgrounds... It's almost crazy how much time has gone by...This is truly an amazing submission and I realize that a part of me that I never really noticed is here. I feel glad.

Ive been a Newgrounds fan for a long, long time... Still remember that logo ``The problems of the future, today┬┤┬┤ This awesome website has granted me many, many smiles, and some hilarious tear dropping laughs as well. I just feel like shit now having being so lazy all these years to create a frigging acount, and even more to start fidgeding with flash even. Oh well, better late than never I suppose. Fuck youtube, this is only place to watch flash animations, and it will always be !