Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Great job guys....I'm sorry i wasn't able to be a part of this.

As I say in my personal info section, I've created my NG account in 2005, but I started visiting NG daily since 2003. I've never been an active member of the community (never submitted anything, never participated on the forums, etc.), but MAN! I can say with no doubt that NG is a part of my life. A part that I hope will continue to live forever. Jeez, while I'm writing this I've noticed that it's 12 FUCKING YEARS that I visit NG! I've never checked daily a site as long as this!
Anyway! The whole thing nearly made me cry... I've seen ALL the characters that have cheered my days, even the older ones! Miss Dynamite, Blockhead, and all the others... Ok, I don't know what to write anymore. Oh yeah: I've seen this site grow, and change. It's touching to see how it has changed since 2003... it's like watching a child grow. Thank you guys! Thanks to Tom Fulp, the mastermind behing NG. Thanks to ALL flash artists which submitted their games/movies/audio/art, and created characters that I'll remember forever! And finally, thanks to the creators of this collab and to every artist that decided to partecipate in this wonderful celebration!
(P.s. 5 stars, but only because I can't give 6)

FFFFFFFFFF amazing!!!!

I may be new to Newgrounds, but this is the best thing I've even seen in my entire life. Every (well, most) artist and everything in Newgrounds is right here. What you're seeing right now. All the epicness and everyone's hard work all for this! Everything here is absolutely epic, from the animators, to the developers, to the music genius and to the art creators. Great work, everyone!

Congratulations for keeping it up all through these 20 years. Newgrounds shall live on! [Trust me, I'm a devil]

Way to help mark the history of the site by featuring the mascots and the icons in this flash. Remembering how long many of us have been to this site, I feel really old.