Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Very impressive

Alright so this was interesting there are various things to do and you have Utilised a good Stylization that really made this come out in a fun way. A really good game here with so much to do it was fun and took me awhile with some things but overall the fun was there, Ienjoyed this a lot has passed thru in the past 20 years. So as this game ends here you went out with Attitude and gave some good Satisfaction and my Analysis of this particular game is that it was unique and different but I like it.

Just a few helpful tips if needed at all but I will suggest just a few things that may or may not be improved on so try some things here. As for helping with tips in this particular piece its pretty solid, most of the medals are fairly easy to get maybe make some really hard ones.


The most touching thing was the credits. All the names and the music combined just bring back so many memories. ;_)

I really wish I would rate this 999999999/5 stars. :)

Awesome! Great thing for reminding vets why this site is such a great place, and for showing newcomers why they shold DEFINITELY stay. We love you Newgrounds! See you at 40th Anniversary! :D

The year was 1999....

Now I'm depressed. Thanks guys. I hope it's not the end, but only the beginning.