Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Really enjoyed it, guys and gals. Good job on everything! It has been a nostalgia trip from start to end, smiled every time a character I grew up with over the years just showed up mercilessly in front of my screen.

Happy turkeyfest!

This is one of the best collabs on this site. So filled with awesomeness of every kind o.O! And everything Newgrounds related too. Wonderful job, all of you! I really enjoyed this :D

Great job guys....I'm sorry i wasn't able to be a part of this.

This was great getting to see all the old movies and whatnot's from the portal. Thank you for such an entertaining experience (to each and every one of you!)


Awsome! So much content in one go, took awhile to get through the whole thing, still yet to beat that 10th lvl in portal patrol. The story was a fun read and the movie was great, too many details and appearances to count and the best tribute to Newgrounds ive seen. :D Hope for another 20 years of NG!