Reviews for "-Space Fighter-"

The game is pretty decent and the medals are nice, butt he game was a bit short.

Surprisingly fun to play! :D

I'm really curious as to what the secret medal is, since there's not much to the game. I thought by the title that it would be destroying everything and not getting hit once, but apparently not. xD

fullmetalchaz responds:

Secret medal:- get 10,000 points

I just have to say one thing mate.
Welcome to my awesome game playlist.
You did a perfect job mate, keep your work goin', I'd love to play more games from you.
5/5 Stars

Nice game - like others have said, nice a short, but straight forward.

This is a great game a good tip is if your aiming for the leader board start from wave one for it k dont try getting it if your continuing on stage 2 or after aim to survive now i wont lie i did not get far BUT BUT its not cause i dont like it i love this game im a big space invader fan so this is close to it i had to quit tho on stage 2 cause it was really challenging i think if it had a life bar instead of lives for hits then i would of been more stuck to it i love the continue system great game!