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Reviews for "-Space Fighter-"

Simple and fun!

Kill forever. The only thing in love is the
very quick moving background.

Surprisingly fun to play! :D

I'm really curious as to what the secret medal is, since there's not much to the game. I thought by the title that it would be destroying everything and not getting hit once, but apparently not. xD

fullmetalchaz responds:

Secret medal:- get 10,000 points

For such a simple game it got surprisingly difficult towards the end, especially since you were always directly in the path of things you were shooting. Really fun!

fullmetalchaz responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

liked it and all...but lol ok, instead of making that stupid intro of how you shouldnt click off the screen because it will disable the controls; why not just make the screen bigger?...thats all...well done