Reviews for "Beat the Zombie!"

Great concept, but YOU'RE TOO SLOW

gets boring very quickly

You basically start over every time. Lose all upgrades and money. That's really poor design.

Then, the rate of attack is slow and sloppy. Upgrades are just one point more of damage, big whoop.

Timed zombie kill just resets over and over and that's just an enormous headache. The achievement fits the game perfectly: What a Boring Game.

No thanks.

Rather disappointing. I was a huge fan of Shotgun vs. Zombies so I was hoping the same charm would be in this game. But once I got to the second level, I realize this was only an unspectacular clicker/idle game with annoying mechanisms. The whole time limit thing ruined it for me and it's a nuisance to go through the process again after a delay.

A major problem is this game takes a very long time to achieve some of the medals, but the game suffers from the medals connection timeout flaw, meaning if you've been playing it for a while, and earn a medal, it might not submit onto your profile.

That's not so bad if the game has a medals resubmit functionality but unfortunately this game doesn't. So if you for some reason are cheated a medal you have to clear your browser cache and start all over for one more chance.