Reviews for "Beat the Zombie!"

Was this suposed to be fun? Man it takes forever to do stuff, there is no danger nor anything that might make me feel I'm making any progress at all... It's just chop and chop. The quality of the animations isn't bad, but please next time make it with a better idea. Maybe a story, more weapons, life bar, SOMETHING!!!

I Love it:
I swear when i maked that video i diddnt drink any thing!!

2 beat the baby zombe instead of dieing to into upgrade and the timer resets every time

Quite good but too brainless ;)


It's not impossible the game is set up this way to try to draw the game out longer but it actually just makes their game more boring and repetitive as you have to redo the same things over and over again as it resets after each one. To beat the 2nd one just keep dying while collecting gold then use the gold for upgrading and unlocking new helpers and eventually you will get strong enough and have enough helpers to kill it.