Reviews for "Beat the Zombie!"

gets boring very quickly

The game is hard to get into, sure the whole idea behind it is awesome, clicking games aren't normally my thing but I figured i'd give it a shot. The only issue I had was that EVERYTHING reset upon getting to the next level. I would understand if the companions would disappear after the round, but you loose all of it, everything, your upgrades as the main character, and even all coins you did not use in the previous round.
I feel like the upgrades the main character should stick seeing as you're playing as him the entire time.
Again, losing your guns for hire I understand, they're guns for hire.
Also maybe make the upgrading process a bit more rewarding, maybe give better weapons as the players are upgraded, it would give the game a different feel and would leave players wanting to get those 150 extra coins just to be able to use a shotgun or a mini gun or even a sword.

all in all it has the makings of a good game, but it still needs some work.

Keep it up!
and keep gaming!

The game looks great but there are a few things that would make it really great. First, the upgrades should appear cosmetically, it would be much cooler if you started off with a little stick and then got better and better weapons. Second, the upgrades shouldn't reset each stage! All it does is lengthen the game without making the game better. I think this is a really solid start and it could easily be made a great game.

Great concept, but YOU'RE TOO SLOW

The only one thing i can do about this game is just clicking my mouse BUT the game is easy and simple to do and gory or bloody. :)