Reviews for "Beat the Zombie!"

You basically start over every time. Lose all upgrades and money. That's really poor design.

Then, the rate of attack is slow and sloppy. Upgrades are just one point more of damage, big whoop.

Timed zombie kill just resets over and over and that's just an enormous headache. The achievement fits the game perfectly: What a Boring Game.

No thanks.

Loved the game, the art and sounds fir well with the mood of the game. My only problem is the upgrading keeps resting and you lose everything, and that is annoying when you have to beat the game 4 times

hard to play, but I like it

The game breaks when i go to upgrades

I love the visuals and the graphics, the main problem is the delay of the hit when you click it just doesnt seem good and the fact that when you pass a level you lose everything and you have to start over it gets very very boring.