Reviews for "Beat the Zombie!"

Having upgrades that don't walk over to the next level is pointless. The pricing steeps way too much in return of how much each upgrade is worth. No this is an example of a game that is supposed to generate a false sense of progression but leaves it's player with nothing but a sense of frustration and loss.

game sucks upgrade restart every level which i hate 1st zombie has 999 health WHY and then don't get me stated with the 3rd zombie this game needs to get banned one of the worst games i have ever seen

uh, nothing too cool, you need play, play and play! nothing new through the game.
uh, this game sucks

i will like more Beat the zombie 2.

Really... So useless game.
The price per click increases too much after each upgrade, on any upgrade (last one too).
I've lost 30min of my life. Really...

this game is a pretty good game, but i would love it if when you up grade stuff its attack speed goes up.