Reviews for "Beat the Zombie!"

Besides the great animation and that it's not a completely terrible concept, this game is horrible.

1. All of the clicking becomes too much very quickly. It would be better if it was entirely an idle game, not just the help you hire being the idle part.

2. It's incredibly stupid that once you kill a type of zombie that all of your upgrades reset when you move on to the next zombie. That's where the worst of all of the insane amount of clicking is.

3. I don't know why there's a timer with the second stage of the game. It's annoying that the game keeps stopping after the timer runs out. Not to mention that the zombie's health has to regenerate. The best possible option for stage two would've been to put the baby zombie in stage one. It has not as much health as the first zombie, so it should've been in the first stage and the whole timer element should've been scrapped. There could be more stages with a timer, but I don't think I'll ever know because I stopped on the third stage. It's just not worth it.

4. To explain even more why this game just isn't worth it, some of the medals are EXTREMELY hard to get. I'd be lucky if someday I could get through this game one time and get the medal for it. THREE or FOUR times, though? That's insanity. I'm willing to bet that some of the users who got those medals used a hack to get the medals without playing the game. It's just WAY too much to ask for. I can't see anyone actually going through with it.

Came for the achievements, left because game was utterly boring. its a clicker game it doesn't feel like you're achieving much each click. The upgrade system is really basic... There is nothing advance here to see.

It's more of a clicker than idle, I can't go browse or chat without it spawning the upgrade menu. So the "Idle" is very broken what makes this game a pure "Clicker". Besides that I've enjoyed it, you made the game not look like an "Alpha". This could be bigger obviously, the fact that a game is "Endless" doesn't mean you can't update it just because no one will ever reach the end.

Still a sorry excuse for a game.

Those million hits and ten million moneys medals sure took a while to get! :/ It was a bit unclear if the medals rewarded only existing cash and hits on a per level basis as well, since the counters seem to be reset between levels. It feels a bit unmotivating that you start each level new, even after spending so much time upgrading on the previous, but there is some comedy to how the zombies get tougher and tougher and you just slave away for ages to bring them down, having to resort to even drones and gundams to deal some damage. Could make for entertaining parody movies too. :)

I liked the game overall, but for some medals the amount of grind required is almost too much. Especially when there's no 'stats' page, or counter to let you keep track of your progress. You don't even know if your progress is saved, between levels, or plays. Some more feedback would've been nice. Good game otherwise.