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Reviews for "Crispy Corporate Reverse Birth Placenta Package"

Sadly, this is probably what everybody is feeling right now. I agree, it seems like these days all the companies out there are trying to getcha.

jackthetrippr responds:

And the most ironic thing is I work in advertising! I know. I hate me too.

I love a good demented animation

love your work , this allsow reminds me of StevenLapcevic art work

jackthetrippr responds:

Just checked him out. Looks like an absolute ball tripper. I like! His youtube videos don't have anywhere near the amount of views they deserve! I know that feel.

Truly inspiring work. You have depicted the lows of depression very truthfully, i.e. bleak and devoid of hope. The animation is wonderfully grotesque, the misshapen bodies of the characters, in my view, reflect the state of their minds, i.e. depression really screws you up, mind and body. The audio is fantastic, very professionally recorded - I especially enjoyed the shrill noise the insect-like creatures made and you really gave each character his own unique voice, which is a feat. Does it hurt to alter your voice like that? :p Both the animation and the audio create a very eerie atmosphere.
And finally, the whole idea behind the plot of your animation is brilliant and I love that you didn't treat it superficially as a gag and instead took a very serious approach to it and went into details, carefully describing the whole process. Excellent work, hats off. Obscene, surreal sci-fi at its finest.

jackthetrippr responds:

Thankyou so much! Purchasing a proper microphone was definitely worth it. It doesn't hurt to do the voices but the cicada screech took an entire day to get right and I'm still not 100% happy with it.

Dude... totally drippy stuff. F-ing awesome. Totally love it!