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Reviews for "Crispy Corporate Reverse Birth Placenta Package"

I love a good demented animation

your style reminds me of Salad Fingers disturbing yet bit of a mindfuck

jackthetrippr responds:

Yes David Firth is a massive inspiration for me.

You're weird, great and obvious ending.

I love the art and I love the audio. It reminds me of They Live in that it is about a race of corporate aliens who thrive while humanity slumbers in advertisement-induced complacency. My only complaint is that the satire is not specific enough to really have obvious relevance. The way to make this complete for me would be to put in some references to actual famously silly products and services, actual commercials and actual corporations to show that advertising can be this disgusting in real life. Unless you did not intend for this to be satirical at all, in which case I don't get it.

jackthetrippr responds:

Definitely meant to be satirical. The idea actually came to me whilst floating in a sensory deprivation tank. I checked out They Live last week and I see what you mean! Fantastic film

Not sure whether to laugh or go WTF but it does sort of tickle you pink lol.