Reviews for "Cat Clicker MLG"

I really enjoyed the game and the aesthetic choices that were made with it. It's functional as a clicker game and the use of multiple "currencies" (mews, mlg-ness, experience gems etc.) set it apart from some of the others I have played. It has a good level of depth and progresses at a fairly satisfying pace. I also enjoyed that rebirth becomes more taxing in each subsequent play through as the player is forced to reach new levels before rebirth becomes available. Idle gain, though not perfect idle gain, is a plus. The idea of an ascension function on top of rebirth should add an even greater layer of depth.

I say "idea of ascension" because at the time of writing this, using ascension will break the game completely. Idle currency gain becomes negative and the more buildings that are purchased, the faster you become unable to progress. Clicking becomes the only possible method of advancing and the game is essentially unplayable.

I also found the game subject to random crashing. It was irritating, but that auto save function prevented it from being more than this.

Ultimately a fun clicker I would recommend to anyone looking to kill some time, with the caveat that ascension should be avoided at all cost unless game is patched.

yo, can i say, MAN YOU ARE FRIGGING AWESOME MAN, GOOD JOB, ITS DAY 420 IN THE YEAR 20XX, AND I CANT STOP PLAYING, ALMOST EVERYTHING IS HERE but it needs Quiktim skopers moar 360 trickshot,and the mlg music doesnt loop properly, so it needs to be deactivated and reactivated, but overall, you got a nice idle game there m9. kudos and mudkipz for you my friend puncake.
-ps needs more vanoss and friends.
IGN 7.8/10 too much mlg

Crazy fun game. Love the MLG references.

Epic MLG Clicker game!
uh, no words... just EPIC MLG NOSCOPE GAME

MLG Cat Clicker 420 Edition will be better...

Just another clicker game, except with shitty memes.
As you probably can tell by the name, it's a montage padody type of game, or MLG as some people like to reffer it as.
The gameplay is pretty decent for a clicker game, with some kinda intresting things not seen in other ones. The menu, I guess, is kinda cluttered though and sort of overwhelming in addition to the shitty and overused memes this game let's a rather low score from me anyway, even though the gameplay isn't too bad for what it is.