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Reviews for "Blue Skies Ahead"

Wow! I would never have expected something like this from one of my favorite NG metal artists, but this was a very pleasant surprise! Very catchy leads, great tones, and overall very relaxing. This track makes me want to grab my favorite book and a cup of coffee, open up the windows and just be lazy for a day. Excellent work, sir.

There's nothing better than a feel good jam, for me, and this is even better than anything I've ever heard before. 5 stars all year long, because that's EXACTLY what this track deserves for being so perfect!!!

This, in my opinion, is your best song. It really is so cheerful and bright and it makes me want to pick up my guitar right now and keep learning more and more. Maybe then I'll be able to riff along with a rhythm section too.

sounds rly like a prog song rather than indie... great sound bro ^^


good ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!