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Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

This is an awesome remake, with awesome art (animation), awesome music, and awesome voice acting. The atmosphere is wonderful, and playing is simply an enjoyable experience.

I know this was made under a really small time, bu I'll point out a few bugs (but no worries, they are harmless bugs that removed nothing from the gameplay experience). The first I'm sure that you're aware of, and that is that in-game dialogues can play on top of each other if you click multiple times, whether it's the same line or another one.

The other one is that if you pick up the flame-storing-thingey before you talk to the receptionist, it will reappear on the screen after the dialogue, though it's only the visual image (one can't pick it up again, and it will disappear later).

Other than those minor things, this is a wonderful game. Great work, all of you!

Noodle responds:

I didn't know about the multiple dialogues. I accidentally coded myself into a corner there, and it would have taken far too long to correct that error.

I noticed the bottle bug as well. I can't figure out the source of that one for the life of me!

Thanks for the great review :)

Lovely remake with very high production values. The voice acting is superb.

Got all the medals..I won't take sides when it comes to the dialogue as all games will have them, so skipping any part of it only ensures that you'll miss the easiest of things or information. Creator, I do thank you for the assist as it did work..look forward to more content for sure.

Awww, that son-of-a-sheserpent got me XD

This remake is pretty awesome! I do wish that Violet-AIM, the original creator of this series, would've continued from where Ghost Motel 11 left off. However, since she stopped continuing the series over 11 years ago, I'd doubt It'll ever happen, which is a bummer. Great job nonetheless!

Noodle responds:

I had to go double check that the last entry in the series was 11 years old. I thought you must have been mistaken. That is crazy!!

Back about 5 years ago she talked about a Ghost Motel 12 that had been in development since GM 11 came out. And she posted a cartoon in 2013. But now it's been a long time since she's been active on the site, so it's unlikely she'll be back. But if she were to ever return with an idea for GM 12 I'd come running to lend a hand.