Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

This should be called Ghost HOTEL not Ghost MOTEL.

Noodle responds:

I debated that myself. I found a definition of a Motel!

"An establishment that provides short-term and long-term lodging usually located with good access to the national road network but with less guest comforts."

This particular motel has excellent inter-dimensional, and afterlife road access! I guess that counts? Plus did you see his room, there are like 3 things it. You're not given a lot of comforts here ;)

Lovely remake with very high production values. The voice acting is superb.

I love this if only because it's new in the series. I'm so glad to have something designed by XwaynecoltX. The most prolific reviewer on this website deserves to contribute something like this here. It's a pity this isn't that more well known. I'm glad I got the first medal. I rarely do that on my own with point and click adventures games.

I guess I just like how nice this is. It's a game with a very authentic feeling. The voices are really good. I know I'll never make anything this good here with all of my reviews. The music's great too.

Really great stuff

So first off just want to say this was an honor to see and play and when I first heard about this was going to happen couldn't pass this up, but as I play and watch the game/adventure, It takes me back with all that has been done with this series, So first thing I will touch on is the opening scene thanks for keeping it to how it all started, another thing would be the "VOICES" Now while I myself did some voices for the originals I must say that the voice actor here has done an outstanding job and really helped to bring this alive, As I play thru the game seeing the shades and little details that make a game great really has improved on the idea itself, I also like that you gave the characters some "HUMOR" that was a nice touch, Oh and that music really takes me back to some things haha really great stuff, I also like how you added a tad bit of your own mix to things here combining original and new styles, So overall I was very please with everything fro start to finish here.

To be really honest you have done an outstanding job, maybe adding a button to speed up "CONVOS" but only in the case of people not finishing the game and have to go over it again, but that its not a big issue, another not big issue would be the "HIT-BOX" targets for buttons could be a d bigger but the game itself ran fine as it was, really no issues to improve on though.


Awesome remake. Great atmosphere. And some nostalgia. :)

Noodle responds:

I hope you picked up the "Nostalgia" medal while you were at it ;)