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Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

Talk to the bouncer again after you put your tie on. Get the little bottle, put a flame in it, click the painting. That's the puzzle. Good enough to make me search for it.

I don't understand what the hype is all about when I read the comments. There is no puzzle, just standard check in and go to your room then there is that ending that feel like you lost but when you try again, you realise that this is really the end. It feels like the intro of a game.

For "lost hope" medal, What I did was take the bottle near the ghosts that drink tea, click on one specific of the many candle flames "a bit of a pixel hunt" then click two time on the painting near the musical sheet. I don't understand the logic, the name of the medal or how this is a puzzle but it worked for me.

Noodle responds:

The original game was actually titled, "Ghost Motel 1: Intro", so it really is meant to lead to bigger things.

It really is less of a puzzle, and more of just a reason to get people exploring the Motel. I think I will make some small adjustments to that.

I'm still new to Newgrounds so I don't know of the original version of this. I cant seem to get the medals, "My Fridays Best" and "Lost Hope". For this to be a remake, the original must be as good (Or better, no offense, I don't know)

I been click everywhere and can't find the puzzle. I went back down to show off the tie but that didn't work so I tried to show it off the the other guess, that didn't work either, then I didn't talk to him after I left at the cliffhanger so I could start over but he says the same thing when I did talk to him. I just don't get it.

I really enjoyed the game though I would love those medals... Thanks for making this remake, I'm going to try the original now since I want to know what it was based on. I give it 4.5 stars because I saw you wouldn't make the rest of them (you don't have to don't worry and make them) and I wouldn't know of the remake series of this. I'll just have to see the originals so I don't hate it that much. At least there is a continue of this to see.

Noodle responds:

It's odd that you would assume the original is better?

I am going to make some slight changes to make the puzzle a little easier, and the ending more obvious. I hope you enjoy playing through the rest of the existing series.

Needs saves points when you die

Noodle responds:

That is actually the end of the game.

This may be short and the puzzles next to none but it makes up for all that in visuals, stunning music and an awesome voice actor who I have heard in the past and is a very, VERY!!! Good choice too I might add for any project. Im a super fan of Jay and his work. This is fun and I hope more comes of it. I have played the original and I find that this does justice to the series. Awesome, dudes!