Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

This may be short and the puzzles next to none but it makes up for all that in visuals, stunning music and an awesome voice actor who I have heard in the past and is a very, VERY!!! Good choice too I might add for any project. Im a super fan of Jay and his work. This is fun and I hope more comes of it. I have played the original and I find that this does justice to the series. Awesome, dudes!

I remember playing the original years ago and this is a good remake.

If the is a first in a series of remakes, this is a very good start.

Otherwise I look forward to future submissions.

Looks good. Does anyone here know how to get the "My Friday's Best" and "Lost Hope" medals?

?? I really don't understand all the hype in the other comments... I get the nostalgia thing, but seriously there's absolutely nothing in this game!!! There are no puzzles, the items can't be used, there's barely any dialogue at all, you can't skip the dialogue when there's some, and the "ending" is just perplexing; I had to check the walkthrough 'cause I was certain to have missed something. This ending looks like a "bad" alternate ending, a fail, not the end of a game... I'm reaaaally surprised about the ranking this game gets here...

Noodle responds:

If I were ever to do another game of this style, I would definitely add the ability to skip dialogue. I didn't expect it to be such a heavily requested feature.

The ending matches the original game. It is meant to be a bit of a cliffhanger. I think that intention gets a little bit lost, and I plan to add a small revision to the game that makes that a little more clear.

This brought me back! I used to be obsessed with the original, yet the problem I had with it was the dialogue in it, the voice volume, was terrible! Still, I haaad to play all of em.

Today, because of your remake, I went back to the original series by the original author and unfortunately, some of the games are missing. So I don't know if I am allowed to, but could I request that you make this an on-going project and finish remaking the whole series?

Noodle responds:

All of the original games are still right here on Newgrounds!

Unfortunately, remaking the whole series would be to big of an undertaking. It was a lot of fun to do this one installment, but I would like to turn my attention back to some of my own projects.