Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

OMg such a scary part it was best paranormal end

I never played the original series, so minus the nostalgia, this really is an exceptionally brief time waster. The voice acting is very well done and some of the easter eggs are cute, but there's such little substance that it hardly matters.

That being said, if more is to come and the rest of the series is redone with more in each title, then I could definitely see this growing into something excellent.

i died gg lol gawd you scared me but i love a great scare ill rate 5 and wow i wouldnt last as a ghost or human in "GHOST MOTEL"
well gg ;)

Noodle responds:

I'm glad to hear the scare catches people off guard!

When you are creating a scare, it is really hard to judge if it is truly effective, because you know every detail of it so thoroughly.
I bet that is a big problem for people who make horror films.

how to get lost hope and overly sensitive ?

It should be called 'Ghost Motel 1: Faintly Revisited'. If you are going to bother making a tribute at least make it long enough to be satisfying. A game is not a game if it is completed in under two minutes, minus the dialogue, 30 seconds.

Noodle responds:

I unfortunately didn't have enough time to beef the game up more than this. But it already includes more gameplay elements than the original did.

I wish it could be longer as well. I do disagree with you though. I don't think length determines what is a "game". Games can be 90 hours, or 4 seconds. Maybe I am being too technical about it?

To each their own. Thanks for the review.