Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

I can't get the friday's best badge even if I already wore the tie and showed it to the bouncer. Also what puzzle?

Noodle responds:

There is a particular order to the Friday's best badge. You can PM me if it is still really giving you trouble.
I may have used "puzzle" a little liberally. If I could do it over, I would make it more puzzle-like with something that hints at it a little more directly.
The Candle used the medal icon is a little bit of a hint.

This is not bad at all, just simple and short.

Unskippable dialogue really slows it down and, for me, subtracts from it. Also, no way to restart the game from the end screen? "Back" seems to do nothing.

Other than that, it's very short, but nice and simple for what it is.

Noodle responds:

I wanted to ensure that people were actually reading the dialogue, and getting the most out of the story. I have had a number of people list that as a negative. If I were to make this style of game again, I would definitely add that as a feature!

The back button not working is a glitch! Thanks for that catch. It should be fixed now.

I don't really understand. I go to my room to unpack, check on the girl and.. game over? Am I missing something?

Noodle responds:

No, that is the end! It may seem kind of sudden, but it matches up with the ending of the original game.
I guess it is less obviously and ending in this version when the rest of the game is a little less linear.