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Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

not bad but it would be nice if the items had a description in inventory, like maybe when I hover the cursor over the item. Otherwise, good.

This remake is pretty awesome! I do wish that Violet-AIM, the original creator of this series, would've continued from where Ghost Motel 11 left off. However, since she stopped continuing the series over 11 years ago, I'd doubt It'll ever happen, which is a bummer. Great job nonetheless!

Noodle responds:

I had to go double check that the last entry in the series was 11 years old. I thought you must have been mistaken. That is crazy!!

Back about 5 years ago she talked about a Ghost Motel 12 that had been in development since GM 11 came out. And she posted a cartoon in 2013. But now it's been a long time since she's been active on the site, so it's unlikely she'll be back. But if she were to ever return with an idea for GM 12 I'd come running to lend a hand.

Bruh really, I don't understand how to get that My Friday's Best medal.
I retry the game like 3 or 4 times with many trials and errors, I tried many steps on how to get that medal like talk with bouncer first, or talk with girl first then bouncer, or yada yada yada , or many other methods, but none worked.

Another thing is you really should add skip button for conversation, in a game where there are medals, expect people to retry it many times just to get the medal, even some player like me, like to retry the game many times just to see a certain part of scene or dialogue, which is why I would love to skip another dialogue that is not in my interest.

I never played the original and have no plan to try it because I find it that this series is not into my liking, sorry about that.

BUT.. I really respect your effort in making this game, after all hey this is a complete game and can be played, that's good part, it's not easy to create game and I'm aware of that so I'm glad you did finish it, good luck with your next game, don't forget to add skip button because that's your biggest flaw in this game(just telling the truth) otherwise I would give you more stars.

Awww, that son-of-a-sheserpent got me XD

Great game.