Reviews for "Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected"

Great game.

Got all the medals..I won't take sides when it comes to the dialogue as all games will have them, so skipping any part of it only ensures that you'll miss the easiest of things or information. Creator, I do thank you for the assist as it did work..look forward to more content for sure.

I actually quite like this game, and the puzzles were simple enough to keep me entertained. However, it's wayyy too short! The only small criticism is that there is no "skip" dialogue option which could be handy if you replay this game (for the medals). Not bad :)

Noodle responds:

I purposefully left that feature out, because I wanted players to actually listen to the dialogue, and absorb the story.
At the time I guess I spaced on that fact that people replaying the game might not want to hear it all a second time. If I ever make another point-and-click game I will be sure to add a skip option.

A noble effort to jump start Ghost Motel again. I'm a huge fan of the Ghost Motel series, and i hope more games like that will be made.

Great work! :)


Noodle responds:

I currently have no plans to continue the series. This was just a fun little tribute.
Never say never though!

Voice acting was really good! However, there's not much to do in this motel other than hearing a wild scream in a lady's room. That didn't scare me.