Reviews for "One Way"

This is great... also hard

Ridiculously Addictive and A Great Laugh!
This game has already taken up an hour of my homework time and will probably take more! Hope to see it on mobile soon. The art is basic but works well and adds a comedic effect to it.

Karsys responds:

Thank you! I do plan on putting this on mobile, and before then, I do plan on redrawing and re-animating everything. (All in the same style, but cleaner and more appealing)

Outstanding game! I like the funny art and the one try theme. It really adds a good challenge. Everybody should play this game and beat it it's really fun. Don't get butthurt about losing because that's what the game wants. XD Great work!!!!!!


Super fun, but not flawless!

I have to say this game had me playing it for a good hour. It's challenge encouraged me to push forward, as I got about a level further each time I played.

I see a lot of negative reviews about the difficulty and mechanics, but the difficulty is there for a reason. He states the genre of the game jam this was in was "One Try." And the mechanics are fine, people probably just raged.

The art is alright. Clearly there can be improvements, but its a game, not an art piece. And this was made in 48 hours, not bad clearly.

Overall a rating of 4.5 is a pretty good score. This game is fun, addicting and isn't bad at all.

Ps: The music is awesome! Really brings a mood to the game!

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