Reviews for "One Way"

Please add checkpoints. Also I will assume the "kids drawing" was on purpose

This is not a game, it's a short term memory test.

A pretty game, but a bit too frustrating in its mechanics, imho!

Karsys responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

An interesting (although not original) concept, executed extremely poorly. It just isn't fun to play.

For starters, the mechanics aren't particularly tight, and your character runs really slowly, making the necessary retracing of steps an absolute chore. The difficulty is stupidly hard in the worst kind of way. It's just trial and error, with no skill, which is not at all fun. Throw on top of that the fact that you then have to retrace your steps, and it's just salt in the wound.

The graphics are also pretty damn bad. I wouldn't necessarily mind that, but there is some inexcusable stuff. Text is often unaligned, for example. That's just laziness.

The music is okay I guess. That is probably the only redeeming factor. But this is a game, so that ain't enough.

Karsys responds:

Thank you for your feedback. This game was initially made in 48 hours, but with things added later, so that explains the poor graphics and a few other things. The theme of the jam was "One Try" so that's where the idea came from.

a game that is absurdly challenging and is fitting to be called a rage game, I will certainly play this game in the future.