Reviews for "Jak and Lev: The Game"

This was actually fun! Found myself reaching world 3 (saw the flag but didn't reach it... or are there more then 1 flag?) and encountered similar problems as Plasmadrift.
World 1 was nearly the toughest and world 3 the easiest (apart reaching the flag) as you have so many opportunities to "align" both chars using the stairs or ceiling - I imagine starting off with a world like that would be probably be more inviting.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the actually puzzles, but there are a number of things wrong with the game
- It appears in a very small window of the gaming screen. If it is actually this size, you can fix the presentation on Newgrounds to conform to this, as people who have made games as small as this have done it as well.
- After the first level in World 3, the game goes to the loading screen and nothing comes up after it (I was waiting for at least two minutes for it and it just stays there. This has happened twice).
- Sometimes in one square high corridors, it refuses to let me go through or fall. I have to back up and then go through them in order to get through. This wouldn't be a big problem except for the cases where you are falling. If this glitch happens to just one of the characters (which has happened to me), then you have to restart since both of the guys cannot go outside the game window.
- Also, the first level of world three is interesting in that there are multiple paths you can take, but I needed to find a specific one because of the glitch I mentioned before due to falling.

Other than this, I thought the game mechanics were pretty good, as it forced you to find ways to regroup with your friend. Hope that you fix the problems I mentioned and I hope to see more from you. Good luck.

ImmaDrawOnYourFace responds:

Wow, thanks for the feedback. Im happy some people actually played through all of it. The level you got to was the last level. There was supposed to be a message saying how that's a look into how the sequel will have more advanced level design. Im not sure if Ill fix the bugs on this one, because it's my first game and atleast functions how it should, but I'll work on fixing the display size. Thanks again for testing the whole thing.

Idea seems decent but final product is kind of weird. Music is fine, but the characters are next to impossible to sync during jumps and I have to just randomly jump and hope I make it... design... what can I say besides simplistic. I like the idea of a overworld. But this needs work. Not the worst I've seen though!

Keep it up!

Not very fun and sort of difficult for me, but I really liked the concept. It's actually very original. I understand the "fun" is sort of in the difficulty or puzzle nature of the game, but it was still a bit difficult for me from the beginning to get my feet into it. Maybe consider starting out easier, or writing some "tips" or a "tutorial" type thing for the first level. It can be as simple as "signposts" that display the tips and stuff.

Maybe if there were some easier way to get the two characters lined up on top of each other besides having them both run into a wall or something to line up, that would be nice too.

ImmaDrawOnYourFace responds:

Thanks for trying the game out. It's my first one so expect my next one to have the bugs all worked out haha.

I don't like this. I could make a better game on scratch... But the music is nice :D

ImmaDrawOnYourFace responds:

Thanks for your opinion and for trying the game out. If you think you can do better, I'd love to see. I'll definitely try it out if you do. This is my first ever game, so expect for them to get better as more get finished. Consider becoming a fan so you can try my next game when I finish it! Thanks again for the review.